Rauron Tyran Raganos XVI

King of Knights, Imperial Successor


Rauron stands just over six feet tall, with black hair that hangs slightly lower than his shoulders, almost always tied back low on his neck. His skin is fair, with only the slightest of tans. He is clearly a strong man, but at a glance he doesn’t appear particularly physically imposing. However, to those that recognize him, he is an incredibly intimidating man.

The most striking of his features, however, are his crystalline blue eyes which seem to pierce through to the soul of anyone he looks at.


The eldest son of Emperor Velastum Tyran Raganos V, and the leader of three of the Imperium’s orders of knights. When he was only fifteen he led a small battalion of knights against a stronghold of bandits that had been harrowing the Raganor Plains. In spite of being outnumbered more than ten to one, Rauron led his force to a crushing victory.

In the twelve years since, Rauron has become a legend among the knights of Arenor. Rauron has won every melee he has ever participated in, claimed the championship title at more than fifty jousts, and reorganized Knights of Raganor to make them one of the most respected orders of knights in the world. All of this has earned Rauron the title King of Knights.

Beyond his skills as a knight, Rauron is the Archmage of Metal and one of the five most powerful mages on the Council of Fifteen. In spite of this skill, Rauron rarely uses magic, finding it distasteful to kill in such a dispassionate manner.

Rauron Tyran Raganos XVI

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