Saiferion Dracos IV

King of Dracos, Dragonlord of the Dragonriders


Anyone who sees Saiferion would presume that he is no older than forty, in spite of his fifty one years. He keeps his light brown hair cropped close to his head. He is tall and strong, with darkly tanned skinned and eyes the color of chocolate.

Whenever he appears in public, he wears red and black dragonscale armor with a bronze scale cloak. He always carries a trio of weapons that are the signs of his station. The vanadum blade, Deian; the thoran hammer, Montem Perditor; and a thoran longspear, Dracos Occisor.


Above all else, Saiferion Dracos IV is a Dragon Knight. He never intended to become the next ruler of The Dragonriders and King of Draco, but after his elder brother died during the ritual to join the Order of the Dragon Knights he took up the mantle with the same quiet determination that defined his rise through the ranks of the Dragon Knights.

In spite of never being trained to rule, or maybe because of that fact, he is a beloved ruler. He has managed to vastly expand the influence of the Dragonriders into the Dragon Sands, while simultaneously minimizing conflict with The Rangers, allying himself with the Kietos Family, increasing trade with the Sylvan and Sylthos Families, opening the ranks of the Knights of Draco to commoners, lowering taxes, and nearly annihilating banditry in the Sands.

Only one action by Saiferion is questioned by the public, and that is his sudden marriage to Mayalla Barcid Dracos I. Many of the Sanajin Clans are near open revolt against Saiferion because they believe that he stole Mayalla, while many other clans are in staunch support of their marriage.

Saiferion Dracos IV

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