Lunan Flower

Without a doubt, the Lunan Flower (and its various uses) is one of the most valuable and important things in all of Arenor.

There is not a single healing ointment, poultice, potion, salve, or balm that doesn’t use at least some small amount of Lunan Flower. This is because of a very unique property within the Lunan Flower that causes any body that ingests or is exposed to it to vastly accelerate the normal healing processes. This acceleration can make a wound that would normally take days to heal be restored in hours. And an injury that would require weeks would be healed in a few days.

However, the Lunan Flower does have a significant drawback: it cannot grow in direct sunlight, only indirect sunlight (moonlight, light reflected off of things like snow/glass, etc.). This means that gardens have to be made specifically to grow even a single Lunan Flower away from Luna. Beyond that difficulty, Lunan Flowers are very difficult to maintain outside of their native soil, which means that it requires either a very skilled gardener or a very skilled life mage.

In spite of those difficulties, the Lunan Flower is one of the most valued goods in all of Arenor, and one of the most beautiful of flowers in all the world.

Lunan Flower

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