The Six

When someone says “The Six” it always has a specific meaning: the six gods of Arenor. It is believed that, more than a hundred thousand years ago, the gods walked the earth as mortal beings and bestowed upon it the life, magic, and civilization that exists on Arenor to this day. As time has gone on, they have each taken a distinct persona.

First is Palan. Patron of the Pantheon and Humanity. He is seen as the preserver of justice, loyalty, and righteousness. Of all the gods, Palan is the most fervently worshipped. Among humans he is seen as the father of their race, and among elves he is seen as the lawbringer that allows a society to function. He is the husband of Luna and younger brother of Guardias.

Second is Luna. Matron of Night and Healing. She is the preserver of life, secrets, and shadows. While Palan is the most fervently worshipped, Luna is the most beloved of all the gods. When a person is sick or injured, they pray to Luna. Ironically, when a thief prays to a god, they often pray to Luna, who’s shadows make their jobs easier. She is the wife of Palan and older sister of Sol.

Third is Sol. Matron of Day and Magic. She is the preserver of magic, openness, and light. Sol is the most worshiped among mages, especially human mages. It is believed that she ignited the spark of magic that runs through the world, and that any person who cannot use magic has somehow offended Sol. She is the sister of Luna.

Fourth is Leystalla. Matron of Elves and Knowledge. She is the preserver of learning, books, and history. The only god who is worshipped as fervently as Palan, most elves hold strong in their faith in Leystalla. While she is a god of learning, and therefore has many worshipers among elven mages, she is depicted as a fiery goddess who embraces the strong emotions of her race.

Fifth is Bahamut. Patron of Dragons and Omniscious. He is the preserver of power, eternity, and wealth. Rarely worshiped by humans or elves, all dragons pay fealty to Bahamut in their own way. He is depicted as aloof, both because he is believed to be far more powerful than the other gods, but also because his view of the larger scale of things has made him care far less about day to day issues in the world.

Sixth is Guardias. Patron of War and Protection. He is the preserver of martial skill, guardians, and the weak. To most people, people who haven’t studied religion, Guardias is a god to be feared. He is often referred to as “the warbringer”, but that view couldn’t be further from the truth. Guardias is a god of protection, more than a god of conquest. Because of this, he is more rarely worshiped than any god other than Bahamut, although his followers tend to be some of the most kindhearted and peace loving of all the gods followers.

The Six

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