Raganos Imperium

After the fall of the Eternal Imperium of the Omniscious, the Raganos Family founded the Raganos Imperium as the rulers of the continent of Arenor. At the time of its founding, The Dragonriders and The Rangers were close allies that helped to govern the regions where their influence was strongest. They also worked with the various human and elven nobles to create a lasting government that was reliant on an escalating series of centralized rule.

At the time of the founding of the Empire, the influence of the Raganos Family was easily felt across the entirety of Arenor. The successes of the Empire were at its highest during the rule of the original two Raurons (VIII and IX), as well as the “Fair Emperors” that ruled during the third and fourth millenia of the Imperium. During these times, the Empire was not only the primary political power, but beloved by the nobles and commoners alike.

However, for the last seven hundred years, people have quietly whispered of the “Unfit Emperors” that have ruled. This has led to the growth of the guilds as larger political powers, as well as the rise of the Kings and Queens of Solah and Sylvathoranas to become the primary powers in the south of the Empire.

In spite of this loss of power, the Raganos Imperium remains the most powerful political and military force in Arenor. The power of the Imperium is so extreme relative to the guilds and nobles that they could easily eradicate any other faction. Even a complete alliance between guilds and nobles would be hard pressed to defeat the Imperium, even with the steady degradation of the Imperium over the past seven hundred years.

Raganos Imperium

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